Four Tips on Dating a Malaysian Girl

When it comes to Asian women, Malaysians are among the prettiest and hottest. If you are looking for a place to find the girl of your dreams, you should check girls from Kuala Lumpur escort services in Malaysia. Aside from being beautiful and hot, Malaysian women are also known for their ability to handle their men. They can handle relationship issues with maturity, respect for their partners, and love.

After meeting a Malaysian girl, how can you keep her interested in dating you then? Here are four tips to keep a Malaysian girl interested in dating you until she falls in love with you completely.

Don’t Let Her Get Hungry

asian cuisine Malaysian girls are hot and sexy but don’t mistake it for lack of love for food. They love eating. They just know how to take care of their body despite having a regular cheat day. In fact, if you are running out of topic to talk about, talk about food. Malaysian girls are well-versed with their local cuisines. Ask her about her favorite restaurant and food and bring her there.

Show Interest with Her Culture

Showing interest means asking her about her culture. Immerse yourself with Malaysian culture especially about dating. Ask questions. Ask her if it is okay to touch or hold her hand in public. Show her that you respect her culture and that you are willing to obey it. Find a common interest that is respectful of Malaysian norms, values, and morals.
Malaysian girls are mostly Muslim. It means you have to respect their dating culture such as no public display of affection. Do not attempt to talk about sexual topics in public as well.

Learn Malaysian Language

One of the best ways to impress a Malaysian girl is to speak to her in her language. You don’t have to be fluent in Malaysian, just learn a few words. Saying a few phrases that matter most in Malaysian can have a great impact on her. Saying ‘mahal kita’ (I love you), ‘namimiss kita’ (I miss you), and ‘gusto kita’ (I like you) will surely make her feel the meaning of the words more personal.

A Malaysian Girl is Always Shy – Remember That!

malaysian girlsMeeting a foreign man for the first time can be intimidating even for a hot and pretty Malaysian girl. Before talking to her, gauge her English level. Speaking fast in English might affect her understanding of what you are saying. Be mindful and talk more slowly. Also, don’t use uncommon English words when talking to her, it will not impress her. Talk to her as if you are meeting an old friend. A Malaysian girl trusts easily, especially if someone opens up to them. Start telling stories about yourself and wait patiently for her to speak her mind.

Dating a Malaysian girl is fun especially if you will meet her in Malaysia. She can tour you around in Kuala Lumpur and other popular cities in the country. She can introduce you to Malaysian culture and cuisine. If you have friends, she can even find them their dates – other pretty Malaysian friends of her.

Still having doubts about dating a Malaysian girl? You should try it now and experience falling in love while having fun with a hot and pretty Malaysian girl.