3 Dating Practice Don’t Rules

Before going on a date, there are three things you don’t want to do. You may have been off your game for awhile, and your dating practice skills could use some polishing up, but if you want a successful first date and maybe a second one?

Rule #1: Don’t be the One Doing All of the Talking

antique-communication-connection-207538It’s very important on a first date that your not the only one who is talking. Don’t get self indulged with your own stories, it’s important to give your date an opportunity to share some things about themselves as well. You can appear to be overbearing and conceded. Sometimes dead-air can happen, when it does ask your date a question. Also, be sure to listen, a woman loves it when a man actually listens to them.

Rule #2: Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Bringing your ex into a first date is bad idea and one that should be discussed at a later point in time. There’s a good chance that your date would show any interest in your ex, and it can take a turn for the worst and make the rest of the date awkward for both of you. If your date brings up the subject, keep it brief without being suspicious. This is prime opportunity to impress your date. Reassure her, what happened in the past is now history, and you prefer to spend time getting to know her instead.

Rule #3: Don’t Leave your Phone On

london date escortNothing annoys a woman more on a first date than a phone that’s constantly ringing or receiving text messages. What’s even worse is when you take the time to answer them? Do not leave your phone on, shut it off or leave it in the car. Putting on vibrate or silent doesn’t work either because it will still distract you. You can up your game by placing the phone on the table and power it down in front of your date. This will speak volumes to your date, and she’ll appreciate the fact that your attention is solely on her.

Final Tip: If you want some real life dating practice before you try to score with someone you really like? Put your skills and game to the test with an escort.